18" x 72" Silk Scarf

Richly printed with details from Ms. Axelrad’s fabric collage Reflections 2, this scarf shows every thread and texture from the original artwork. Printed with dyes on 100% silk , the colors are permanent, light-fast, and can be washed. 

Mount Everest

  • $90.00

Consider Pairing With:

~ Magnetic Fasteners

~ Magnetic Fasteners

How to secure fine silk scarves to clothing without damaging the delicate fabric? Start with magnets. Add vintage buttons, natural materials, metals and leather. Each piece is a unique creation, both beautiful and functional.If ordered with a scarf, the artist will match a design to compliment that scarf. Ordered on their own, each piece will come as a pleasant mystery. (Sorry, we cannot catalog each unique piece.)If you have a very definite preference for color, shape, and/or material, please contact the artist directly.  ..